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Trade Show Marketing Tips

2015 holds a lot of promise for companies that are looking to improve their trade show marketing strategies and reach new customers. If you’re feeling a little behind or overwhelmed when trying to map out your 2015 marketing strategies, consider using some of these tips. While this doesn’t cover everything you should be doing, these four tips can help you jump start your marketing plan.

Mobile Users
While desktop and laptop computers still have their places in today’s business world, more and more people are working off mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. Many of these mobile devices can handle a great deal of tasks that a regular computer can and companies are realizing the benefit of mobile devices in the work place. This means that if you’re not focusing at least some of your efforts on engaging with customers through mobile technology, you could be missing out on valuable leads. Consider adding QR codes to your exhibits or handouts so that mobile users can easily access information about your company.

Entertainment Strategies
You’ll be fighting other exhibitors throughout the hall for the attention of attendees, so it’s imperative to incorporate a trade show attraction to make your booth stand out. While there are a few different ways to do this, there are some proven methods to consider starting with.

Booth attractions such as prize wheels, games, prize give-aways or popcorn machines have proven to be successful at capturing attention and luring trade show visitors to your booth. Visitors will be clamoring around for a chance to spin a wheel or drop a Plinko puck down a board to win a prize.

Hybrid Events
While most people think of a trade show or marketing event as an in-person only event, hybrid events are gaining in popularity throughout a number of industries. Hold a webcast before you attend an in-person event and invite your customers and potential customers to attend. However, in order to be successful, you need to be prepared. If your webcast seems disorganized, your customers will think the same thing about your company and may not be so eager to visit your booth at the upcoming in-person show. Make sure to run through your webcast a few times to ensure that you’re prepared for any questions that could potentially come up during the presentation.

Big Data
It’s easier than ever for companies to collect customer data, but this doesn’t mean that they know what to do with the data once it’s been collected. Companies have the opportunity to analyze response rates to a number of different marketing initiatives, including text messages, email blasts, webcasts, interactions with sales staff, event attractions, and any other pre-, post- and at-show marketing techniques used. Use this ‘big data’ information to determine what the best way to connect with your customers is so that you can further tailor your message and trade show marketing strategies to increase your sales.

Before you move forward with show marketing in 2015, make sure that you have your plan mapped out. When you have a comprehensive strategy using some of today’s proven techniques, you’re more likely to be successful.