Monthly Archives: July 2015

Direct Mail = Direct Customers

If you want to be guaranteed that you will hit your target audience then a direct mail campaign may just be your best choice of marketing tools.

Start with an accurate, current targeted list & an appealing, memorable message that “speaks” to your audience.

This will maximize response rates and increase your ROI.

Here are just few statistics:
62% of people actually enjoy checking their mailbox
59% are happy to receive mail about a new business, product or service
40% open and read their direct mail
85% of customers look for special offers, coupons or incentives
75% of your customers are likely to renew their relationship with your business
57% of recipients are more likely to remember your message compared to other marketing media

Let Radsick Ad Group help you determine if a targeted, customized direct mail campaign might be the best solution to target more customers and grow your business.