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Think Outside the Box When Marketing Your Business

The way that we market our business has changed a lot even in the past year, let alone over the last few years, and in 2015 we’re seeing a lot of “different” thinking.

There’s more competition out there – but the good news is – there are more options to get your message in front of your target audience.

Why not surprise your audience with something interesting and new?

Here are a few of the least conventional methods we have seen in marketing recently:

Know Where Your Customers Are.
Knowing where your clientele frequents can help you figure out how to best position your marketing. Where are they going? What are they reading? What are they watching? What are they listening to?

If you can answer these questions you can find them and communicate your message to them there.

Develop Personal Connections
Coke has capitalized on it with their “Share a Coke” campaign. Consider personalizing the products that you market or arranging to have them personalized for your customers. This simple gesture goes a long way toward establishing a more personal connection.

Say Thanks In A Special Way
TD Canada Trust utilized this in their “TD Thanks You” campaign, which saw them sharing over 300,000 twenty-dollar gift certificates for their clients. You don’t have to go that big, but thanking someone by giving something back to them resonates in a special way with customers. It can be as simple as a gift-code, or a VIP program that gives reward points that eventually convert into gift certificates.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of the Internet
Have you ever seen a flash mob? It’s easily arranged and gets a lot of social media attention. Banco Sabadell is producer of one of the more famous flash mobs using Beethoven’s Ode to Joy with a complete orchestra and a background of onlookers. Internet shares have made their name pretty recognizable to many people who otherwise would not have known who they were.

Try Some Info-graphic Marketing
Though everyone is trying info-graphics, it’s important to use them correctly. Words aren’t nearly as effective as they used to be, and multimedia communication is on the rise. Info-graphics are an excellent way to explain a topic or provide information in a fun and interesting way. They also have the potential to spread like wildfire on the web via social media shares, media outlet exposure, and info-graphic directories.

Launch an Affiliate or Referral Program
Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to drive sales to your business. Try offering a referral fee to people in your locality for qualified leads. Entire companies have built huge businesses out of creating referral programs for online companies. Don’t just say “thanks” – actually give them something in return for their referral.

People Hate Ads – Unless They’re Creative
People remember when something is unique, Think & be creative – leave a lasting impression so you will not be forgotten.

Contact Debbie @ Radsick Ad Group if you are ready to think outside the box for your next marketing project or campaign – you will be one step ahead of the competition!