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Does Your Business Need Rebranding?

Change is inevitable and a constant when you are part of an evolving business and marketplace.

In maintaining long-term success and staying relevant in today’s world of compelling brands, it is necessary to adapt to the ebb and flow – and rebranding is a necessary part of this evolution.

Even the most successful, well-established brands inevitably have to consider rebranding.

Rebranding means refreshing your business’s marketing presence, which typically will include: your logo, corporate identity package & all marketing materials, as well as all associated images and your business’s messaging – sometimes even your business name – to reposition your business in the marketplace.

Some questions to determine when you decide to rebrand:

1) Has your business brand expanded beyond its original scope?
Expansion and growth of a company often creates the need to re-focus on new or expanded ideas.

2) Is your business expanding into new markets?
If your company is growing into new geographical area/s, or simply trying to reach a new target audience, it is important to reinvent your brand to best connect with them and enhance the way you extend the company’s reach.

3) Has your company changed leadership/management?
Often a change in leadership or management brings a change in your business’s approach. This typically will require rebranding to align with those new values, vision, and philosophy.

4) How long has it been since your company has evaluated its image?
If the look and attitude of your brand is outdated, rebranding may be a necessary step that should address your business’s “personality” now and in the near future. Remember – rebranding is more than your logo design. Successful rebranding is the sum of all touch-points that come into contact with your current and potential target audience.

5) Are people aware of your business or what you do?
If your image and brand are no longer resonating with your audience, and you feel you may be losing your position in your field, it may be time to consider a branding change.

If you answered “yes” to any or all of the above questions – your business may be ready for a rebranding initiative.

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