5 Logo Design Trends for 2017

Paying attention to design trends can help define your brand voice.

Applying trends to your logo creates an ‘at-a-glance’ reminder of what your company represents. A great logo conveys answers to big questions about your brand, such as: What message are you trying to convey? Who are you trying to reach? What does the design represent? A logo has to answer these questions in a split second— now, that’s a lot of pressure!

Design trends definitely ebb and flow, but the foundation of a good logo design never changes. New design approaches can elevate your brand (or sadly the opposite, trends used in the wrong context can lead to trouble for your brand image), but learning the fundamentals of what makes a good logo is key. It never hurts to get a refresh on the characteristics that make a logo great:

It’s memorable.
If consumers can’t remember what your logo looks like, they’re not going to remember your brand.

It can stand the test of time.
The world around your brand will change, but your logo shouldn’t be redesigned every year to accommodate the new world; it needs to be able to hold its own.

It’s appropriate.
Find what is most important for you AND your brand to convey. What works for another brand will most likely not work for yours. A pretty font and beautiful colors won’t mean anything to the consumer if it doesn’t relate to the brand; a logo needs to be meaningful.

It’s unique.
A brand needs to stay relevant. Don’t get lost in the shuffle of the thousands of new start-up ventures with a logo that looks just like everyone else.

Now that you know what makes a logo great, let’s take a look at recent trends in logo design:

Hand-drawn:  Sincere. Fresh+ Fun. These are just some of the emotions that this type of logo design helps exude. A lighter approach is perfect if you are trying to stray from sophistication. Set your brand apart from the rest with this style  of design.

Simplified: Lately, brands have been switching gears and are going back to basics. Minimalism is here to stay, and we should all be happy about that! What worked in the golden age of design is definitely still working now. Sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go.

Geometric: Circles, triangles, squares, lines… these are the elements that make up the classic approach to geometric logo design, making it another trend that will never die. Simple geometric shapes are universal and have a long history in the design world. Modern businesses are adapting this trend and running with it. Interesting new logo forms emerge when designers start to play with geometry.

Color Transitions: While there is something strong about a solid color logo… a nice gradient or ombré can really help set a tone for a brand. Bold colors make a statement! This trend is all over the design world in 2017 and is definitely not limited to just logos.

Vintage: Looking for a throw-back vibe? Nostalgia is always in style. Your brand personality can really shine with this trend.

Bonus: Who doesn’t love a bonus trend? Animated/dynamic logos are holding their own this year. Motion design gives your brand a little pizzazz, but don’t animate your logo just because you can. The animation needs to relate to your brand, solidifying what your brand stands for.

Remember, a logo is a shortcut a consumer will use to figure out a brand. First impressions and snap judgment of your company will most likely be based on this very design element. So while they may be small, logos are your best silent partner.

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